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Tink's journey with Hepatitis C

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Final Stretch

I passed the half-way mark on Monday – finally, I feel as though I’m on the home stretch. Only 24 more weeks of tx to go! I have just returned from a week in Madeira and I feel so much better for the short break. During the holiday I somehow managed to push myself through that fatigue barrier and walked 4 miles nearly every day. I have returned with a ‘new’ spirit and went to play bridge yesterday for the first time in 3 months. My partner was a sympathetic one and forgave me my errors.

Prior to going away, I had been experiencing some strong aches in my left rib area. They were bad enough to cause me some concern. Anyway, my GP and the Professor had me whipped off to hospital for ECG and chest Xrays and a whole slew of blood tests – results all came back ok so still don’t know what they are all about. I had them again on holiday and even had to leave a couple of restaurants after eating. The pain/ache seems to appear after I’ve eaten or if I’ve left it a while without eating. My digestive system seems to be struggling to cope – perhaps my liking of spicy foods has finally caught up with me! I am seeing the Professor next Monday so hopefully he will get to the bottom of it. It might just be another side effect of the tx that I hadn’t experienced before. All my blood tests are showing normal.

It’s coming up to Hep C Awareness week and our support group is manning a table at the hospital – handing out leaflets etc. I have written another article for a local magazine and I’m taking part in a live chat show on local radio. Our new support group, Manx Liverty, will even get a mention in an ongoing radio commercial.

All in all, I feel for the first time, that I’m on the road back to being ‘me’ again. It has seemed very odd being in this other person’s body for so long……


  • Hi Tink,
    Nice to hear from you again. Well done on getting past the half way mark and hope the rest of the ride is easy. Hmm you might have to go easy on the curries for a while. I also had pains on my left side, dont know what that is either. Its gone now post treatment anyhow.
    I'll keep checking your blog to see how you are doing.
    Speak soon
    lots of love

    By Blogger Wendy, at 1:11 pm  

  • Hi Tink,

    Vacation sounds like it was terrific and you sound really good. Am so impressed with your involvement with the support group, your article and the upcoming live radio show. Extremely proactive and, I'm sure, invaluable to those in your community wanting information and support regarding hep C.

    Congratulations on half way, Tink! Hope the last bit passes quickly for you.


    By Blogger Sue, Toronto, at 2:42 am  

  • Well done you. Will call. Other news at this end.

    By Anonymous CSC, at 11:06 pm  

  • Hi Tink,
    It has been a while since I've read the blogs and it was good to note the positive changes you are reporting in you current post.
    Sorry to hear about the left side pain, your medical team appear to be very supportive and on the ball, so that must be very reassuring.
    Well done on reaching the halfway mark. You'll be counting down instead of up now, like Paul, Ovecomer.
    Good wishes
    Miss Poppy

    By Blogger misspoppy, at 10:54 pm  

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  • Hi babe

    It's me Sue, I just wanted to say i am so proud of you to have gone so far...and been so strong...you are an inspiration....I only hope when my time comes for tx i am half as strong as you have been!!
    big hugs

    By Anonymous Sue, at 11:53 pm  

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