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Tink's journey with Hepatitis C

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

35 down.....

...and yes, I am counting! I think I'll get really excited when I can start the countdown at 10 weeks to go - I might even be 'demob' happy at Xmas time.

I had another 2 1/2 hrs of massage last Thurs and I think it's helping as I've just had 2 days without painkillers. The good thing about the pain is that it's hard to remember it when you are feeling ok. The bad days come and go and so I just have to make the most of good ones. It's strange that the unwell feeling comes about so quickly and without warning. I was up and about on Saturday morning and suddenly, I felt so sick that I had to go to bed and I stayed there for the remainder of the day - even sleeping for most of it.

But today I am in good form and even my friends commented on how 'bouncy' I seemed this morning. I had lunch out and here I am still feeling ok. The temptation now, of course, is to go into overdrive and try and catch up with some of the stuff that I've pushed aside but hey ho, I shall just relax and enjoy this delicious bit of respite.

For me anyway, it's been important to put aside any sort of 'issue'. I have a couple of them lurking in the background somewhere but I have totally refused to let them get a hold. If I even get a whiff of a problem, my trap door comes down and rescues me. This is totally opposite to my normal way of dealing with anything - I have always been face-on. Strange change of character but comforting and most welcome!

The sun is setting and there's not a single cloud over the island which means we are in for a cold night. Time and (miraculously) energy to bring in a few logs and light that fire.....


  • Sounds like all is going well, Tink - not long to go now. Keep the trapdoor closed - plenty of time to open Pandora's Box when you're ready to meet it head on!!


    By Blogger nick, at 10:00 am  

  • Hey Tink,

    You sound wonderful! Glad you're having a bit of respite. Massages are definitely the best. I've continued with them.... decided that they're just too good to give up, even if not on treatment.

    Trap door concept sounds very practical given the current circumstances. What's important will wait. Hope the "good" days come frequently.
    Take care,

    By Blogger Sue, Toronto, at 11:24 pm  

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